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activate your energy

Feel your fire and choose to channel the energy toward forgiveness and love. Fire can destroy or it can transform. Burn away what no longer serves you and embody forgiveness.

This is for you if you feel anxious or repeatedly triggered in your relationship, health, or career. 

A transformational experience to know yourself, release resentment, and express your truth.



" 'Ruyyiah Khanum, a powerful female in the history of the Baháʼí faith says, “most of us, being too little conscious of our true selves, paying far too little attention to our inner needs, never stop to ask if the soul is getting what it requires, is in good health, has a hopeful outlook for the future.'


I would extend on this that we not only fail to ask our soul what it needs, but we also ignore and deny it when it tries to communicate. We deny or avoid our frustrations and anxieties even though those are the exact portals to discover your true inner needs.


Your emotional activations, unlike many of us think, are NOT a justification to be hurtful nor tell others why they're wrong. 


Emotional activations are inviting you to explore what needs you haven't acknowledged and what internal habitual patterns to shift

The invitation is to take responsibility for your inner landscape so you can show up with honesty and love."



  • Healing Guidebook

  • Short Video Lectures

  • Book Recommendations

  • Private Facebook group - community support access to Layla for Q&A support

  • Recorded Embodiment Practice 

  • Invitation to embody your full truth, forgiveness, expression, & loving passion.

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Emotion & Sensation

Learn the diference betwen emotion and sensation and understand the important of these somatic clues.

Identify your Pattterns

Explore how patterns of behavior show up, pointing towards the same emotional wounds that need healing.

Call out the Projection

Explore the concept of projection: how the wounded psyche judges others for your own denied feeling & parts.

Embodiment Healing

Practice the power of embodiment to clear the charge of an emotions through conscious movement.


The invitation is to know yourself. What part of your inner landscape needs awareness & attention.


What emotional wounds have you avoided? Where are you holding resentment? What are you withholding?


If you are dissatisfied with certain elements of your life, relationships, health, career, the place to start is you.


Start with your emotional triggers. You need to access the wisdom beneath these triggers and in order to do that you first have to clear the charge through your body.


Not just talk about what you feel, move it through the body, feel it fully, and then release it fully. That embodied clearing allows you to connect to the wisdom beneath the emotion that is trying to come through you.


My first year of embodiment training with John Wineland has taught me that you cannot just talk about your feelings. In fact, in excess, doing so can be counterproductive. It’s much more effective to free yourself from past & present emotional blockages by moving the emotions through your body. 


Emotions are energy in motion.

Divine Feminine



Embody the Activation is the embodied practice I designed and will be offering in this program to activate your fire and access your freedom.


This practice asks you to be real with the truth of your heart in your emotional activations and then express the energy of the activation through your body, calling on the powerful tool of archetypes to help empower your expression. Archetypes are a Carl Jung concept to describe universal primal images of energy that we are all connected to like the warrior, magician, and lover.


In the practice, embodying the activation through these archetypes is designed to help you understand the energy you’re more, and express yourself in your full range of play passion and truth.


This practice is a personal exploration that’s part of a larger healing effort to know yourself, release resentment, and express your truth; first and foremost, with yourself.

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What is often forgetten is that when we do not take the time to release emotional charges (past or present), they get suppressed in the body and create stress. Showing up physically as shoulder pain, heart palpitations, adrenal fatigue, and even long-term chronic disease.


This as a reminder that healing the emotional body is key not only for mental-emotional wellness but also for physical health.


Through this training and your commitment, you can listen to your emotional activations and channel them towards your personal & relational healing.


Remember, the energy of fire can be destructive or transformative. That’s the decision between ignoring it and understanding it. It’s your choice.



Empower sustainable health and powerful relationships that support your creativity and purpose.


Connect humans around the world who have a shared passion for relational healing and holistic wellness.


Sustainability, health, deeper connection, and universal oneness.

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