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What is Shadow Work?

In order to heal emotional pain from the body and mind, we need to somatically accept, feel & clear emotions; not ignore or avoid them This approach is a direct contrast to common toxic positivity methods that ask you to "focus on the light and think positively." Layla's method, inspired by psychoanalyst Carl Jung's shadow work theory, teaches you how to clear & heal shadow emotions, instead of avoiding or denying them. 

Feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, shame, self-doubt, or other challenging emotions may be a communication of an unmet need; a byproduct of an energetic or emotional wound that was experienced at some point in life. When processed consciously, you can clear the emotional charge through your body, listen to the wisdom of any needs or necessary boundaries the emotion is trying to communicate, and then fully let the pain go.

Suppressed emotional hurt alongside societal conditioning to fit into a cookie-cutter lifestyle, people-please, and constantly "do more," are stored as unnecessary stress in the body & mind. Your true nature is creative, loving & conscious. By acknowledging your heart-centered needs, you can tap into your body's innate healing power and release what no longer serves. 

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