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What is Reiki?

Layla utilizes remote reiki energy healing in her coaching sessions to unlock energy and restore the balance between your mind, body & spirit. Reiki is the energy of pure love. It does not preach any creed or dogma, nor is it a religion. Layla taps into the power of this lifeforce energy to support your healing journey.

How to Set An Intention?
Reflect on what area of your life you want to focus on — where you desire transformation or growth in your health, career, relationships, or purpose. 

What parts of your life feel out of balance, and what would you like to invite more of — ie. abundance, intimacy, love, health, self-worth, peace, or clarity, As you reflect on your intention, remember that "what you seek is seeking you."

Potential Benefits of Reiki with Layla

  • Mental stress relief - a stronger alignment with your authentic self

  • Deeper intimacy in your romantic relationship

  • Restored sleep patterns and overall feelings of relaxation

  • Shedding unwanted physical weight/pounds that you no longer need

  • Understanding your emotions as a tool for transformation

  • Empowerment in your self-worth and trust in the Universe

  • Divine support in the magnetization and manifestation of your intentions & goals

  • A life of increased joy and alignment with your true sense of purpose.

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