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Reach your fitness goals by being gentle with yourself

Remember that taking a gentler version of the posture (or the workout) when your body has lower energy levels can actually get you closer to your strength-building or weight-loss fitness goals!


When you put the body through constant intensity, you deny yourself the natural need for slowing down that you have during the cyclical energy flows that occur over the course of the month/seasons.

Think about nature itself to understand the cycles/flows of energy: ie. the phases of the moon🌘🌓, the high/low tide of the ocean🌊, the seasons of warmth/cold🌤🌨.

Denying these ebbs & flows and expecting constant intensity or “improving” capacity confuses the body and creates unnecessary stress that can cause a survival mode mentality, chronic adrenal issues, or weight gain.

Moral of the story: be intense when you feel inspired to go intense! Be gentle when you feel inspired to be gentle!

And don’t shame yourself for either!

Work with your natural cycles of energy🌏. And use your intuitive capacity to listen to your body to connect with this flow.

With love.

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