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Feminine Energy

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

It always frustrates me when I hear people poorly interpreting what “feminine” energy means. Many people assume their overreactive emotional “hormonal hot mess” is their feminine energy; when in reality, that’s just their body’s natural response to the constant mistreatment the body gets put through. This is a result of deeply ingrained societal programming that has us constantly striving for “productivity” at the expense of our own health and dishonoring the wisdom of the body, even in something as simple as the need for play or rest.

I see this misunderstanding appear in “spiritual containers” and in normal day to day conversations with friends. It’s a massive misunderstanding of feminine energy means that leaves me with no question of why there is so much physical emotional and mental pain that exists in society. When our understanding of feminine energy is so deeply warped on a psychological level, the feminine that exists in all humans feels misunderstood and abused.

The true feminine is best understood by observing nature.

I look to understand the Divine feminine by examining forces of nature that align with the feminine hormone cycle. The feminine hormone cycle approximately aligns with the moon. The moon’s gravitational forces also control the forces of the tides.

So if we’re looking at this from a blend of biology, earth science, and energy, the ocean is a great teacher in the art of divine feminine expression, given her connection to the moon/feminine hormone cycle.

And the ocean fluctuates daily. She honors her rises and falls in energy, shamelessly. Some days more fierce, others more calm. It’s natural. It’s all beautiful.

There is no shame in honoring the body’s need for rest that naturally occurs in the cycle of creation.

I hear lots of people claiming to “go with the flow” but are stuck in the same psychological traps of toxic productivity that are entirely unnatural.

The ocean, the great teacher that she is, reminds us that the same energetic forces that control her tides also control our own rises and fall in energy.

Energy rises and falls. It’s natural. We may feel inspired or needing to rest and it’s OKAY.

The ego often gets triggered when these natural cycles rub up against the societal programming to “do more,” always be productive, and always go faster. This is what triggers us emotionally or creates a reactive emotional state. That’s the ego, not the feminine.

But the more we learn that nature herself slows down naturally and we learn to celebrate that in our own beings, the more energetically balanced and in flow with nature we become. The beauty of the ebbs in flow of energy that occur in the cycles of life.

We don’t have to manipulate our bodies against nature. We can work with it.

Honoring the cycles of nature that exist in the body naturally is a pre-requisite to true health, inner peace, rapture, & spiritual bliss.

It’s a massively simple and huge missing piece of the puzzle of physical and spiritual health that we were programmed to ignore.

The same energetic forces that control the tides of the ocean also influence the cycles of creation & rest that occur in your own being.

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