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Clear Space

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

You thrive in clear spaces, without the physical & mental clutter that no longer serves you. Letting go of old patterns creates space for new possibilities. It also frees up headspace and keeps energy from becoming stagnant. Letting go of old patterns often requires courage, as change can be uncomfortable, but it creates the space to manifest what you actually desire.


  • Let go of daily habits that keep you chronically stressed (such as letting go of the habit to check email/social media first thing in the morning.)

  • Organize the items in your closets, kitchen, or garage - put things where they belong and you will create space in doing so.

  • Step away or set communication boundaries on an "unbalanced" relationship. (This one can be tricky. Act with love, not from a space of blame.)

  • Take a pause on reading the book that you actually don’t like, but are trying to finish because you spent money to buy it.

  • Give yourself permission and support to feel grief.

Essentially, you want your space, environment, circumstances, and life to bring you joy. If your life is clogged with things that bring you down, you won’t have the headspace to live.

A scarcity/survival mindset makes you feel like there is not enough, which encourages you to hold on to things that no longer serve you. Survival mode is stressful, even if it’s just to a small subconscious degree. Too much stress increases cortisol levels and weakens the immune system over time.

Step out of scarcity mode into the land of intuition, beauty, and joy. Letting go of what you no longer need is the first step.

Journalling Prompt:

What would you need to hear or receive in order to feel safe letting go of an element of your life that no longer serves you (ie: support from family/friends, accountability partner, a conversation to address an issue, a new boundary, a financial safety net, etc.)?

Mindfulness Exercise:

You may want to carry out meditation with the intention to discover what you need to let go of. Remember, don’t approach it with a thinking mindset. Get relaxed and notice if something comes to you. If nothing comes to you during meditation, it’s possible that you’ll receive your “downloads” later on. You may also know of some things that you need to let go of even without meditation. You can also try this yin yoga class to slow down and tune in.

Experience it for yourself:

  1. Over the next few days, set an intention to "clear space" in three different areas of your life. Write down your intention to purify these three parts of your life.

  2. You may put this piece of writing away — trusting your subconscious to remember, or read it as a daily reminder for 30 days. Up to you. Act on your intention whenever you feel inspired! You don't have to force it, but that doesn't mean clearing space won't require effort; so stay disciplined and listen to your intuitive callings.

  3. Revisit your intention in 30 days. Reflect on the changes you've made, and what you still need to put more energy towards. Through this process, you are communicating to yourself and to the Universe that you are intentionally making space for what you truly desire in your life in the divine timing that it may unfold.

If your life is filled with unnecessary tasks and things that don’t truly align with your highest self, you simply won’t have room to bring in anything else. Closing old portals will communicate to the Universe that you have space for new ones to open up. Letting go of what you don’t need communicates to the Universe that you have space for what you actually desire — what may serve you and those around you even more — to come through.

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1 Comment

Katayoun Anderson
Katayoun Anderson
Dec 07, 2022

Great blog, I need to figure out what does not serve me anymore. And I will share this with my husband.

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