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Healing through emotional triggers

Updated: Jan 16

The element of fire represents the energy of transformation. It’s our inclination toward change, growth, passion & warmth. When you're faced with an emotional trigger, you can call on the energy of fire; to help you move through the challenge, burn away what no longer serves you, and cultivate a deeper Inspired Connection, with your own heart and the hearts of others.

The place to start is your heart's emotions

The place to start is awareness of your heart's true emotions. Emotions offer communications. Beneath their charge, they are connected to a deeper truth or a need.

The classic example is the mother who would naturally feel anger if someone were to try to hurt her child. Beneath the anger, is the knowing and the truth that she needs to protect her child.

To ignore that emotion would be detrimental. However, in other situations, it’s not as easy to see why we feel frustrated anxious, or enraged.

What you resist persists

Emotions are impermanent by nature. But when we resist them, they internalize and hang around.

Releasing emotions requires physical bodily movement

You need to access the wisdom beneath emotional triggers and in order to do that, you first have to clear the charge through your body.

Not just talk about it; but rather, move it, feel it fully, and release it fully. And then you can connect to the wisdom beneath that was trying to come through you.

My embodiment training in 2022 taught me that you cannot just talk about your feelings. In fact, in excess, doing so can be counterproductive. It’s much more effective to free yourself from past & present emotional blockages by moving the emotion through your body and completely letting it go.

Emotions are energy in motion.

Express your truth more powerfully

True healing asks you to be real with the truth of your heart in your emotional activations and then release the energy of the emotional charge through movement.

But expression often requires additional training, as society doesn't often teach us why or how to express ourselves fully. This is where you can call on the energy of universal ancient forces of energy called archetypes to help you. We are all connected to thousands of archetypes; such as the warrior, magician, and lover (to name a few). Training the body to feel these energetic forces within you will help you show up with more love and confidence.

Know yourself

If you are dissatisfied with certain elements of your life, relationships, health, and career, the place to start is you.

Ruhiyyih Khanum, a powerful female in the history of the Bahai faith says, “most of us, being too little conscious of our true selves, paying far too little attention to our inner needs, never stop to ask if the soul is getting what it requires, is in good health, has a hopeful outlook for the future.”

I would expand that not only do we never ask, but we also ignore the signals and cues when we do receive them.

We ignore and deny our frustrations and anxieties even though those are the exact portals to discover what needs attention in our inner landscape.

And you can’t change others, so this isn’t about projecting or telling others why they’re wrong and you’re right. No, none of that.

The invitation I’m offering is to know yourself. What part of your inner landscape needs awareness & attention.

Emotional-physical health connection

What we forget is that when we don’t release these emotional charges, they get suppressed in the body and create stress. Showing up physically as shoulder pain from stress, heart palpitations from anxiety, adrenal fatigue from overwork, and even long-term chronic disease.

I say this as a reminder that healing the emotional body is key not only for mental-emotional wellness but also for physical health.

Dive in Deeper:

Inspired Connection is my newest released online program series with video lessons and practices to help you move through emotional challenges and into inspired connection — first and foremost, with yourself.

Inspired Connection is a self-exploration of clearing charges and discovering your needs. A part of a larger healing effort to know yourself, release resentment, and express your truth; first and foremost, with yourself.

Through this training and your commitment, you can listen to your emotional activations and channel them towards your deeper personal & relational connection.

The Inspired Connection self-led course is available now on our online platform, The Archives.

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