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"I teach my own yoga & pilates inspired mind-body fitness routine. It's the result of years of personal research and training. I blend low-impact fitness exercises, mindful stretching, and joint rehabilitation exercises that improve your mobility, strengthen your muscles, and calm your mind.


Best of all, my style is low impact, does not require endless hours at the gym, and empowers your long-term sustainable health. You will actually see results and will feel encouraged to continue!


Fad diets and exercise programs swing you through the high-highs and low-lows of exercise/dieting. My method teaches you how to tone your muscles, improve joint health, and find a deeper sense of mental clarity & peace, through sustained effort.


Your classes will include moderately-paced stretching poses, bodyweight isometric strengthening exercises, and guided meditation. 

While browsing my online selection of classes, choose what speaks to you intuitively, I offer a variety of approaches and techniques. Please take into consideration your unique body and history. It's all about your intention. If you need yoga for relaxation, please choose a gentle class. If you need yoga for improving your mobility, please find a mobility-focused flow. 

Remember, you are inherently wise and your body wants to heal.

Let's work with it!"

-Layla Brook

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