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Letting go of Resentment - Without Bypassing Your Truth

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Resentment tells you to hold a grudge against another person who wronged you, but it really just ends up hurting yourself.

Or if you take the Buddhist approach — you are me; I am you; we are one — then you were always just resenting yourself. All along.

But resentment does have a purpose. As all emotions do. It can be your friend, in its appropriate form. It reminds you to remember a harmful pattern, so you can break the cycle and release the pain & suffering.

The ego will tell you to hold on to resentment. Because “you were right.” Paradoxically, in order to shift out of this lower vibration emotion of resentment, you have to allow yourself to feel it initially, in order to understand it, and then integrate the lesson it's teaching you. This also offers the opportunity to express gratitude to the Universe for teaching you the lesson and allowing you to break old patterns that no longer serve.

Lingering resentment that you are starts to have an effect on your energy system and health in your own life; triggering you into survival mode and keeping your heart closed.

Reflect on the following questions:

1. What emotions are arising when you think about the event/person that you are resentful towards?

2. Is this a pattern? Have you experienced these emotions in a similar situation before?

3. What changes are needed to set a loving boundary with yourself that honors your needs and physical/emotional health?

Remember, boundaries are a reflection of love. Where did this situation show you that a clearer boundary was needed, that you can now implement for an increased sense of self-worth and peace.

The ego wants to blame others for making you feel bad, but the soul wants you to look deeper into the spiritual lesson and express your needs by stepping into your self-worth.

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2 comentarios

16 oct 2020

Hey Kathy! regarding your below comment. Great question! It depends.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you rewire your own subconscious — via some method, in this case: theta state meditation — for present and future and come to some kind of realization/connection about what you need with yourself.

A conversation may be needed with the other person, but certainly coupled with your own inner dialogue.

Me gusta

I didn’t understand if you are to tell the person, like the driver for example, how you felt?

And do we do that with past experiences?

Me gusta
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