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You are your own best doctor

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

You know your body better than anyone in the world. Listen to your body. It's wise. Any professional opinion — whether from a doctor, physical therapist, personal coach, reiki healer, chiropractor, etc. — should be vetted by your own trust in yourself and your body's communications.

A deep issue with our culture is that we wait until health issues are grave before we address them. Until pain is intolerable. Listen to symptoms when they are small before they spiral out of hand.

Leaning on experts, medical or otherwise, for support is highly encouraged. Continue to seek counsel from your personal coach, trusted physician, chiropractor, therapist, etc. And, listen to your own intuition, and follow your body's guidance.

The body has a natural healing response. Health professionals around you are meant to guide and support you; not control you.

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